Thursday, June 9, 2011


So I think the stress of getting everything ready for Scotland is finally getting to me. At this point we have our passports, the Visa we need is currently in the first stages of application, Financial Aid and Scholarships are applied for, Airplane ticket is purchased to get us over there, and I look every day to find an Apartment for us online. At this point the ONLY thing I can actually do anything about is the Apartment, but even that has its limits. Since we still have almost 3 months until we get there, we really can't apply for one until we're closer to August. So, for now I just look and wish.
I'm also currently going through EVERYTHING that we own. We're planning on having a HUGE Moving Sale in August so I have to go through and decide what we're keeping to store, and what we're selling. So far I've been putting everything that we're okay with getting rid of in boxes in our bedroom. The pile of boxes is getting HUGE. In some ways its comforting. I'm putting everything in boxes so that if we don't miss it in the next 2 months then its okay to get rid of it. But, at the same time its frustrating to see your house getting less and less full of things. The funny thing is, its not even all of it yet. When it comes to Rhys and Gavin's stuff, I have only been picking a few things in each category to put aside so they still have stuff to play with. I don't want them to go into withdrawals because all their toys disappeared over night. As it is, we've decided that they need to not be here when we have the sale. I think its asking too much of them to see people walking off with their toys. Its better to have them just disappear I think. Luckily we can still take some of them with us.. but the verdicts still out as to which ones are coming.
So yeah, mainly I'm stressing about everything that needs to be done, with no way to relieve the stress. But, it does feel surprisingly better to get all of this out there. Thanks for listening.. and hopefully as we hear about our Visa, Financial Aid, Grants, Etc. the stress will just go down from here. One can hope.


  1. Oh I like the new blog layout and picture you added!

    Well, I am sorry it is stressful. I remember when we heard Steve got accepted I started to think about everything and was like 'how are they going to do everything?' I was getting stressed just thinking about it for you guys but you are doing something-going through stuff. Even if it doesn't seem like that big of a thing. It sucks to have to wait to really make concrete plans. I hope your sale is successful.

  2. Oh I can't even imagine how hard it must be! It sounds like things are moving along though!!! I'm so excited for you guys!

  3. You can do it! Just keep at it, one little bit at a time, and you'll get it all done. You're really organized so I know it won't be an issue. And, if you really get stressed, just remind yourself of the adventure you're headed to, it will all be worth it!

    I love your new layout by the way!! Love yeah!