Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Fragmented Life of Dorothy Lawrence

Part of being in the MACCT program includes doing the Final Project at the very end of the year. For these projects they hire some Professional Writers to come in and write an original piece specifically for them to perform. They been working on this final project since November when they first met the 3 Play writers who were going to be working with them this year. The Writers met all of the Students and then they were divided into 3 different casts. Each Cast was going to have a different writer and director and they would be working within their smaller groups for the duration of the final semester.  Steven's final project  is called The Fragmented Life of Dorothy Lawrence, and its a story that is based on the life of Dorothy Lawrence. She was a Woman living in London during WW1. She was a journalist and dressed like a man and made it all the way to France so she could be at the front lines. The story tells us of her experience during the war and what happened when it was over.
Its actually a really well done play and I enjoyed watching it. They had a rocky start at the beginning of their rehearsals and everyone was wondering whether they'd be able to pull it off. I won't get into all of the details, but there were problems and it took a while for everything to get sorted out. In the end the cast had about 10 days to really rehearse and pull the show together. I'm So proud of what they were able to accomplish. It really is a strong show and I'm happy everyone involved is happy with the result.
The show opened last weekend here in Glasgow, which is when I got to see it. They are currently in London this week performing down there, and then next weekend they'll be in Edinburgh. Steven was really excited because his Dad is teaching at Oxford this week and was able to see Steven perform his show last night. I know it means a lot to him when his parents get to see his shows too, so I'm happy he was able to. Plus, he's going to Glasgow this weekend to see the boys and me so we're all really excited about it.
But, what's crazy is that when they're done performing, that's it.. Steven's done. Its just amazing how fast this year has gone. We are a week away from our year mark when we left the States. It surely doesn't feel that way. But, I guess that's how most things in life are. When I think about my cute Rhys and Gavin and how old they are now, it doesn't feel like they should be so big. I swear they were just born yesterday. =)
Anyway, here are some pictures of the show that some members of the Program were able to take so people can get an idea of what the show was like. Enjoy!
Side note: If you notice, Steven looks a little different in this show. They made him keep his hair after As you like it, and they had him grow a mustache since its more historically accurate. Steven's not a big fan of it, but I kind of like it. It reminds me of how he looked when we first got married so I feel all nostalgic about it. But, get a good look in these pictures because he fully plans on shaving his head and growing the beard back once the show is over!  =)

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