Thursday, May 7, 2009

Its fun to have boys to watch!

So, since Steven was laid off in November and didn't have a play he was in this semester he had a lot more free time on his hands then we were used to. One of the things he got into was painting his models for one of his role playing games that he enjoys playing. Rhys will normally just sit there and watch him paint, or he will pick out colors he thinks Steven should be using. But, after a while that wasn't enough for Rhys and he wanted to paint to. So, Steven found one of his figures that he wasn't going to play with and helped Rhys to paint it all on his own. It was really cute to watch and Rhys was very happy to get to do something with Daddy.

On another note, Steven was finally able to find a job in this horrible economy right now and actually started today. Its not much, just minimum wage and about 8-10 hours a week, but since our Unemployment had JUST run out it is a HUGE blessing. Plus, he gets to work at a Game store, which is pretty much a second home for him. =)

While I am THRILLED that he is working, I am really going to miss him being home with us so much. I have to say that I was definitely getting spoiled having him home so much with us. I think it definitely helped get me through those first months of pregnancy too. Its nice knowing that you've got the help right there when you need it.
I guess I just need to remember to "Count my blessings" and enjoy the moments that I can. =)


  1. I love this picture Kammie! You had told me about Rhys painting the figure but it's even cooler to get to see him do it! I am so also SO happy for you that Steve found a job! Here's hoping Daddy will be next! I love you!

  2. And Scott! Let's keep our fingers crossed for him, too!

    Adorable picture, I have to agree!