Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

I had one of the best Mother's Day ever! First, Rhys was really quiet in the morning so that Steven and I were able to sleep in together. Then he must have known there was something special about yesterday because he was extra affectionate and was constantly giving me hugs and kisses, which I loved.

Rhys was really good during Church and we didn't have to take him out in the foyer once. In the nursery they had him make me a little coupon book that was adorable. My favorite coupon said its good for 10 hugs.

After Church Steven had Rhys give me my present. He wished me Happy Mother's Day and everything. Steven said he picked it out all by himself. I got Buffy Season 6 and Ever After on DVD. It was very sweet of Rhys.

One of the best presents Rhys gave me though, was a nap. Rhys hasn't taken a nap in WEEKS, even though we always put him in his room to try and get him to take one. But, yesterday he actually fell asleep, so I got to take a tiny nap without feeling guilty too. It was very nice.

Steven made me Homemade Lasagna for dinner, so it was really nice not having to cook. He also baked a frozen pie all by himself. =) Actually, Steven really is an excellent cook, and if I had wanted him to he would have made me Creme Brulee... his is the BEST!

But, after all of that my FAVORITE part of the day was the call we got from a guy named Mark who wanted to buy our Washer and Dryer. Well, not OUR Washer and Dryer, but Kimmie and Shane's. They let us use them for 2 and a half years since we had the hook ups for them, but when we moved we couldn't use them anymore. So, instead of Kimmie and Shane hauling them back to Portland they decided to just sale them. But, while we were waiting for them to sale they were sitting in our Living room. Not really getting in the way.. but still there. So, it was a VERY pleasant surprise when we got a call Mother's day Morning after over a month of having no requests. Not only did the guy want them, but he wanted them that very day. So, my Mother's Day ended with the Washer and Dryer leaving my Living room. Plus, now I get to send Kimmie and Shane a check , which also makes me very happy. They are the best and we will be forever grateful to them for letting us use them in the first place. We love you guys!

So, all in all it was a VERY nice day and just makes me wish that EVERY day was celebrated like Mother's Day. =)


  1. That sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day! Lucky you! Mazie was really good at church was the rest of the day she had trouble with! I still had a good day though! I'm glad the washer and dryer finally sold. I'm sorry it took so long! I love you Stam!!

  2. I am so happy you got the washer and dryer out of your living room haha. Thanks for letting Dan and I come stay with you guys last weekend. It was so much fun and it was good to spend time with you! Let us know when you are coming up here next and we will make sure we spend time with you! :)