Monday, June 1, 2009

Zoo Adventure!

This past weekend, Steven and I got to do something we've been wanting to do for a LONG time.... take Rhys to the Zoo. He has always LOVED animals, and one of his favorite toys is his "Little People A-Z Zoo" that he has. He can call most of the animals by name, and just loves to make the animals sounds.
Since we live in Cedar, we don't have easy access to a Zoo right near us, so last weekend when we were going up to Salt Lake for my Cousins baby shower we thought we would take the opportunity to finally take Rhys.

We had SO much fun. He ran from animal to animal saying "More animals." When he realized that all the animals were there, he started asking for them by name. He wanted to see the Tigers, Bears, Elephants, Zebras, Giraffe's, and Hippos. Sadly, they didn't have Hippos, so he was sad at that.. but he got to see all the other animals.

He had the joy of "talking" to the Monkey's. Some of them were really noisy and made noises as we walked by.. so he would make the noises back. It was really cute.
It was all so adorable, but my favorite thing that he did while we were there was see the Giraffe's. He saw one from really far away, yelled "Giraffe!" and took off running. He saw it from far away, AND he got to go upstairs and see him face to face. It was cute to see his reaction to how tall Giraffe's really are. =)

There was a little train ride that you could pay $1 to go on.. and Rhys wouldn't stop asking to go on the Choo Choo train. So, Daddy told us to go without him so that Rhys could ride his train. It was fun and there were a couple of animals he wouldn't have gotten to see otherwise.

We spent a LOT of time in the "Discovery Land" section of the Zoo. It was mainly a little park for the kids to play at, with the Prairie Dog and Bat exhibits. The Prairie Dog's were a lot of fun because you could stick your head up in a tube and see them up close. Rhys liked being in the tube, but going through the dark tunnels to get to the tubes weren't that much fun for him.

All in all, it was a really fun day, and Rhys keeps asking us when we are going to go see "More Animals" again. Hopefully we'll get to take him again soon.


  1. Fun, Kammie! We've been talking about going this summer, too.

  2. You need to update this! I've been wondering what you guys are up to!