Thursday, July 16, 2009


So, I don't have anything too interesting to report, but since it was pointed out to me by my beautiful sister-in-law Mickelle that I haven't updated this in a while, I thought I'd at least give a boring update. This ones for you Stella! =)

Lets see, since the beginning of June when I last posted Steven has started working at the Shakespeare Festival. He is working for Concessions and sells Tarts again this year. He was also asked to introduce the Greenshow, so he gets to be a part of things a little more. Another fun thing, he gets to interact with one of the actors on stage during the Gypsy night. (He sells the guy a Tart) Its quite funny. He actually really impressed some of the higher ups in the Festival last year, and they asked him to be the Crier for "As You Like It." For anyone who doesn't know what that means, he's the one who gets up before the play starts and tells everyone to turn off their cell phones, and who the sponsors are. Last year people had to audition to do it, but this year they just asked him... so he is slowly making an impression on them. Maybe next year he'll actually be on stage acting.

Lets see.. we have also decided to have Steven audition for the Shakespeare Festival Tour in the Spring. This year they're doing "Taming of the Shrew" and Steven was told by Michael Bahr (He's in charge of the Tour) that he should audition for it. The auditions are the end of August, and if he gets in then he will be traveling with the Company for most of Spring Semester. This means that he'd be post poning graduating a semester so that he could go... but we feel okay about that. We figure that if he gets in then it will be GREAT experience and something amazing to go on his resume.. and if he doesn't then we'll just get to go to Grad school that much sooner. So, either way its something we wanted to look into. Of course, the boys and I would miss him terribly while he was traveling, but we are just trying to focus on the good things.

Rhys is doing good as well. He misses going to his class and sometimes asks to go when we get in the car. I'll be really glad when Preschool starts up for him so that he will get to go again. Although, he is talking SO much more lately that I don't think he'll get to go to Preschool for very long. But, we will take as much time as we can get.

He is also getting ready for his new brother to arrive. We tell him about Gavin all the time, and he will come up and kiss my tummy and say "Hi Gavin" all by himself. I'm not sure he completely understands what it all means, but its still cute.

As for me, I am getting bigger every day. Sadly, I'm starting to look like I did when I was pregnant with Rhys... and I was HUGE with him. But, I have not gained as much weight this time around, so I am holding onto that. =) I am officially 36 weeks and hanging in there. I haven't gotten to go to the Festival nearly as much as I've wanted to because its really hard chasing after Rhys. As long as he stays by me we're good... but one day while we were there he ran away and jumped into a strangers car. It was the SCARIEST thing ever and I could only run so fast to get him. Suffice it to say, now when we go, Rhys has to wear a leash! =)

Anyway, that's about it for now. Hopefully things will pick up a little more soon and I'll have something more fun to report for next time. =)

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  1. Yay for such a fun update! Thanks for posting, Kamma. I am really looking forward to seeing the Grawrocks in person soon!