Friday, January 14, 2011

I want the Give-a-way

Okay, so I haven't posted in a REALLY long time and this is giving me incentive to do so. However in order to get more points for a Give-a-way that my Brother-in-law is doing on his blog, I need to post this. So here goes.
My Brother-in-law Josh writes this hilarious blog. It is so funny that you are seriously missing out if you don't read it. Here's the link.

But, he finally reached 100 followers and so to celebrate he's doing a give-away and the prize is a White elephant gift he received along with a Giftcard to the Cheesecake factory. The White Elephant is A Little Thumper massager. Yes.. that kind of Massager. I think its hilarious, and while most of the people commenting to win really only want the Giftcard, I'm thinking both would be kind of fun. =) So, here's hoping that we win! Oh... and read the blog. SOOOO funny!

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