Friday, January 22, 2010


Steven will be graduating this May and so we have been getting him ready to apply to Grad schools. There are 5 schools that he is applying for: University of California San Diego, University of California Irvine, Old Globe Theatre in San Diego, Yale School of Drama, and the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. Since he is an acting major he actually has to audition for all of these schools, and have his resume and Headshot. Steven's most current headshot that he had was 2 years old so it wasn't a very current picture of him. So, at the beginning of December we had his retaken. There were SO many good ones to choose from that we had a hard time picking, but we eventually decided on this one. Its one of the few pictures Steven actually likes of himself, so I am hoping that it gives him the confidence to do well at his auditions.
His first audition for RSAMD was this weekend in New York and they actually told him that he is definitely in their Talent pool of people that they're looking for. They should let him know in about 7-10 days if he got in. He also has 2 auditions scheduled on Feb. 6 in San Fransisco and 2 more on Feb. 12Th and 13Th in San Diego so he is really busy right now.
We are very excited to find out which schools he gets into and to make that decision which will affect our little family for the next few years. Its both exciting and scary, but we're looking forward to this new change in our lives. Plus, its really nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We will keep everyone updated about which ones accept him as we get more information.


  1. Oh how exciting! I know he will do great at his aduitions! And the head shot is awesome! He looks great! Keep us posted! :)

  2. Hey it is me Stacia :) I thought I would see how things were going for you (from Kimmels blog of course). Congrats on the acting stuff. Scott is also an actor. He does most his acting with a director in Wyoming (he teaches acting in the high school as well). We are in Southern California and so if you guys end up around here we will have to connect!! Best of luck!!