Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Style!

So, I have always enjoyed coloring and doing the occasional doodle. It even got to the point that Steven would tell me that he wished I could take an art class at a local College. I would always laugh at him, but the idea does kind of intrigue me.
I love all kinds of art, but pencil drawings are my favorite. I particularly like the pictures that are shaded perfectly and that's the kind of thing I would love to learn to do. So, a few weeks before we moved to Scotland, Steven finally went to the store and he bought me an art pad and some new pencils. He got one for himself as well and it has been fun for me to watch him grow in his ability as well. He has become quite the artist. So much in fact, that I was really great about drawing in my book when he first bought it for me but as I watched him get better it kind of depressed me in a way. I mean, I was happy he was getting better, but it was intimidating me to keep going.
He finally bugged me enough (and gave me some good suggestions on what to draw) that I finally drew a few pictures that I am quite proud of. I finally have my niche. My style. And I am loving it.
I do better when I can visualize something in my head, or have an example to look at, as opposed to just creating something all on my own. So, I have started to draw Disney characters. But to spruce it up, they are not your typical Characters. I'm mixing and matching the stories and combining them together and it has been so much fun. Steven has gotten into it as well and gives me some ideas on what to do. So, if anyone thinks of some fun Disney scenes they'd like to see put to paper, let me know and I will see what I can do. =)

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