Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wow... one day can change your whole life!

I can't believe it.. I'm shocked actually. I have been actively drawing for a week now... only a week. Its hard to imagine that its only been a week, because the way I feel about it has changed completely.
Of course I liked to draw. And even though Steven would tell me I was good, I didn't really believe him. He's my husband.. he's supposed to tell me I can do things. But, when I post a new picture onto Deviant art, I love waiting for the responses. People are liking what I'm doing.. which in a way validates how I feel about my drawing.
I don't want Steven to feel bad.. but in a way I think he understands. I've been telling him he's an amazing actor for YEARS now.. but it wasn't until he got into one of the best Graduate programs in the WORLD that he is finally starting to believe it. Its just nice having other people acknowledge something that you're doing.
Now I find myself torn between drawing more pictures and coloring the ones I already have drawn so they can go up on my account. Its a really hard decision and sometimes I wish I had a million arms so I could just do it all.
I'm also starting to make a wish list of new supplies that I want. The first being a Drawing Tablet. I'm able to color with the mouse, but it would be so much easier if I didn't have to. And of course there's the bigger drawing pad. I just don't have a lot of room on mine.
I just hope that this isn't a fluke... that I didn't just have one good idea and once they're all done then I'm out. Because.. that would be very sad...
For anyone interested in seeing my pictures, here's the link to my Deviant art account:

Thanks for all the support guys!!!

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  1. I'm so glad you started drawing again! I actually had no idea you were an artist I'm so happy I get to see what you can do! I love all the pictures you have done so far and am excited to see what else you do!