Monday, December 5, 2011

Thanksgiving in Scotland!!

I know Thanksgiving was a few weeks ago, but I have been distracted with my drawing. I'll try and be better about posting.
Thanksgiving in Scotland was interesting. It was so strange to walk around the stores and see no decorations up. They just jumped right into Christmas after Halloween. The strangest part though, was sending Steven and Rhys to school. What, the who world doesn't recognize our Holiday.. what's that about? =) However, Rhys did tell me that they mentioned that it was Thanksgiving to his class, so it was nice to have it acknowledged.
Rhys was excited because I waited to start making dinner until he got home from School since we weren't eating until 7:00 anyway so Steven could eat with us. He was a wonderful help in the kitchen. His favorite was mashing up the Sweet Potatoes for me, but he wouldn't roll them around the marshmallows. He was too worried about his hands getting messed up. But he did hand me them to me and thought it was really funny when I kept trying to touch him with my gross hands.
I wasn't able to find stuff for Green bean casserole. Well, no fried onions, and what's green bean casserole without the onions? So we didn't have that. I also couldn't find stuff for my families Raspberry salad we always make so that was sad. And can you believe I forgot the rolls!?!? I'm very disappointed in myself. But we had Chicken (Not turkey since there was only 4 of us and Gavin wasn't going to eat it anyway) Stuffing, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, and Deviled Eggs. It was pretty successful if I say so myself. Gavin even tried everything. He didn't eat it, but he tried which is a huge thing for him. He ended up eating pancakes. =)
Black Friday was actually really fun. We woke up and got ready early so that after I took Rhys to school Gavin and I were able to ride the train into the city with him. We walked him to class and then spent a few hours shopping. I needed to get Birthday stuff for Steven and a few Christmas stuff, so it was nice to actually have a reason to shop. We were very successful in our trip and found everything we were looking for. It was nice because there were still a lot of shoppers, but it wasn't crowded and since there were not "amazing" deals, people weren't pushing each other. Definitely the way to spend Black Friday. =)
Steven ended up getting done early that day so Gavin and I met up with him and we went and had lunch. We had heard from Steven's family that we need to try Wagamama, and since there was one right by his school we decided to go there. We thought it was delicious!! Gavin didn't end up eating much (he's just so picky) but we were able to take the leftovers home and Rhys was able to have some, so it wasn't too bad.
We timed things perfectly, because after lunch we rode the train home and had just enough time to get Rhys from School. He loved seeing Daddy waiting there for him. It was cute.
Then we spent the rest of the day decorating the Christmas tree and putting up the stockings. I was really happy we found such a good deal on the tree. The whole thing was only £15, so I don't feel guilty about having one up. It just wouldn't feel like Christmas without a tree.
I have to admit, since I have so many Christmas decorations in Storage at home I was a little sad when the tree was done. There was nothing left for me to do. But, its worth the lack of Christmas Decorations to spend this Holiday in Scotland.
There are so many things we plan to do this month, I just hope that we get to do it all.

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