Friday, May 18, 2012

Here are the final pictures that I have from my Parents trip to visit us. They're just all of the fun random ones we took throughout the week. Enjoy!
My Dad and me on the way to our local Grocery Store, Aldi's. They actually had one of my Dad's favorite treats from his mission.. something he hadn't had in 30 years, so he was excited.
 The local Chippy across the street from Aldi's.
 Inserting my Pound to get a Trolley for the store. All 4 wheels turn, and I LOVE them. 
 Loading up all the groceries to pay for them.
 Family shot outside our Church. Its a small building... most of it is in the picture.
 Rhys picking flowers on the walk home from Church. I love this picture!
 Gavin wanted to pick flowers too!
 Making the Haggis's... or Haggi... not sure... for my parents to try. They quite enjoyed it.
 Outside a cafe in Glasgow.
 We went on the Bus Tour of Glasgow and Gavin's favorite place to sit was the floor.
 Steven randomly bumped into my parents on the train when they were coming to see us after he was done with classes. It was a fun surprise.
 Its tiring having Company. =)
 This was Gavin waiting to go into see Rhys in his Assembly. I just forgot to include it before.
 He rarely falls asleep in the Buggy now, so you know he was tired.
 Gavin loved to give Poppa his Backyardigan stuffed animals to hold.
 He tried holding them all himself... it was really cute.
 The ONLY day it rained on us.. of course it was when we were shopping downtown.
 Rhys asked to celebrate his birthday with my parents while they were here, so we sang him Happy Birthday and let him blow out the candles.
 He ALMOST got them on one try. Maybe on his actual birthday.
 My Dad buying their last train tickets to our flat. =(
 This is the train you take to our place. We're the Mosspark stop.
 This picture makes the train look nicer then it is. =)
 The short pathway from the train station to our flat.
I hope you all enjoyed them... and maybe this will inspire some more of you to come and visit as well. =)

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