Wednesday, May 9, 2012


This year for St. Patrick's Day we all took a train ride to Edinburgh. We wanted to make the most of our day, so we left at 8 and stayed until 7 that night. We took the Bus Tour around once so we could see the city and then we went around again so we could get off at the different stops. 
Our first stop was this cute little courtyard we came to. It caught our attention because of a Sweet Shop, but we were really happy when we got off. We found this amazing Pub to have lunch that was called The Fiddler's Arms. I know that its not very Scottish, but Steven and I ordered a Hamburger and it was probably the best Burger I've ever had in my life. They put these grilled, red onions on it that were kind of carmelized. SO good. Hopefully we'll get to go back someday.
We also found a fun Costume store that had some amazing masks in it. Steven is working on his final project for MACCT and is actually in need of some masks, so it was fun to get some good ideas on how to make some.
From there we went to the Childhood Museum. Its one of those Free places you can go, and we really enjoyed it. They had all sorts of different toys throughout all the decades that kids used to play with. I recognized a few from my childhood, but most of the toys were older then me. I must say that Dolls used to look extremely creepy. I'm glad that they have since graduated to more realistic looking girls and babies because I think I would have been too scared to play with them growing up.
We spent a good chunk of our day there so that was fun. After that we continued on to what I like to call "Tourist Row." There were TONS of Scottish stores, all featuring Kilts and Bagpipes, and all sorts of little fun Scottish Souvenirs. Its funny, even though we have the exact kind of stores in Glasgow, there was just something fun about walking through them with my parents. One of the highlights was when we saw a Scottish guy walking by a Kilt store in his Kilt. My Mom laughed and said "So, they really do just wear Kilts here." =)
Steven's favorite part was finding this little tiny store that makes Custom Kilts. They actually had his Families Tartan there and could make him a Custom Kilt out of it. The only drawback, it will cost £350 to make. So, it looks like he's going to have to go a wee bit longer without his Family Kilt. But it was fun for him to get to see them anyway.
The Bus stopped running at that time, so we had to just take it back to the train station. There's a Mall right next to it, so we walked around there for a bit. (Much to Steven and my Dad's joy, I'm sure.) But I had a little bit of Birthday money so I was able to get a new shirt while we were there, so that was fun.
The boys were amazing while we waited for the train to come. Since it was St. Patrick's Day my Mom had bought them these big glow sticks to carry around so most of the day they were pretty occupied with those. 
They both also ended up falling asleep on the train on the way home, which is definitely a sign of a fun day.
We weren't able to see the Castle this trip because my Moms knee just couldn't take the stairs. She told us to go ahead without her and that she and my Dad would just find something to do, but we didn't want to leave them. Hopefully we'll get another time to go back and see the Castle, and if not it was still amazing to see sitting up on that Hill.
My Dad and Rhys waiting for us at the Mall.
 Rhys wanted us to sit on the back bench on the Bus.
 My Mom was sitting between my Dad and Me.
 Rhys was anxious to start the day.
 Outside the Train station trying to figure out a plan.
 Rhys was rather intrigued by this little alley.
 One of my favorite roads in Edinburgh. I loved the curve and that it was a hill.
 The view of the Castle outside the pub we went to for Lunch.
 Home of the best Hamburgers Ever!
Steven and me right after we finished our Burgers. Don't we look so content?
 In the Courtyard waiting for the Bus.
 The Scotsman walking in from the the Scott Store. LOVE it!
 Just some pretty pictures of Edinburgh.

 Waiting for Train to get going.
 Rhys was so excited to get his own ticket.
 My Mom and Dad.
Such an amazing Adventure. Can't wait to do it again! =)

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