Friday, September 16, 2011


So, today we took the boys for a short walk up the hill and checked out the local Primary School. Rhys yelled, "Look, kids." as soon as we were close enough to see them playing at Recess. He was so excited to see them all, and we really think that he is going to enjoy school.
When we told them we had just moved here and wanted to try and enroll Rhys they were excited to help us. They had plenty of room for him, but he was the first kid in 6 years that hasn't been from Scotland. So, he is definitely one of a kind. They were impressed with us because we had all the documents with us that they would need. His Passport, Visa, Birth certificate, proof of Residence, and the letter from The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland saying Steven was accepted. We had to fill out some paperwork, and they had to send it in to the Scotland City Council to get it approved for him to start, but we heard back from them already and he gets to start on Monday.
We're so excited he gets to go, now we just need to go get his uniform. Some of the items we can buy from the school on Monday morning, like his Maroon sweatshirt with the school logo and a white polo and school tie as well. But the grey trousers (Not Pants over here) and white dress shirts we can get at a store cheaper. We'll also get him a maroon jacket to wear since its already colder here.
We also went to our local grocery store today and were pleasantly surprised by the cost of everything. Some things were more expensive, but on a whole it was all cheaper. Especially the Nappies (or diapers). The store brand ones weren't even a whole 2 pounds for 30 of them. I'll need to try them to see if there any good, but even the Huggies were 7 pounds for a big bag. Not too shabby.
We've also found a few pastry places we want to take anyone who comes and visits, and of course to the local Chippy. Its fish and chips and its DELICIOUS if you enjoy fish. =)
Anyway, I'll be sure to take pictures of Rhys at school on Monday. Until then have a good weekend.

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  1. I'm so glad it went so smoothly for you! What an adventure! I can't wait to see the pictures!