Thursday, October 13, 2011

We're surviving well!

Shockingly, I am adjusting to this new Country surprisingly well. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge family person. I didn't even handle moving to Utah from Seattle very well because I moved so far away from my Mom. So, I'm assuming this is just a HUGE blessing from Heavenly Father because I'm really fine. I LOVE it here. There are definitely things that I miss, especially getting to tell my Mom all about it other then through e-mail (for a bit there I felt like I was on my mission again, but this is so much better.) But, now that we have Internet and I have access to people now there's nothing for me to not like about it here. =)
Scotland is just beautiful. Its not just that its green. Oregon and Washington were green too, but this is different. There's just a feel in the air I guess. Plus, the architecture of the buildings is just amazing. Even walking through the neighborhoods feels kind of magical. There's this row of houses right by our grocery store that remind me Fantasyland in Disneyland. I keep wanting there to be lines for us to get on rides. =)
I'm also fascinated by the cars. Not just that they steering wheel is on the right, but also the size and shape. They're all just so small. I saw a VW bug the other day and it looked HUGE, but it was the same size as the ones we have in the states. All the other cars have just shrunk. I actually saw a non- British car the other day and I couldn't figure out why it looked different. It was that the Steering wheel was on the left. It totally threw me. I still don't think I could drive a car here, but I'm getting more used to it. Its second nature to look to the right before crossing the street now. =)
I also laugh at myself for being scared of the money being in pounds. Its so not a big deal. I can go to the store like a pro now. I actually prefer the cash, its more fun that way. =)
We have also realized that we are in the PERFECT location for us. We are in a nice calm neighborhood, so no busy streets. We live literally right next to the train station. (Its the quietest train ever!) We also live next to a Grocery store, Bank, Library, Post Office, Medical office, Dental office, and Eye doctor. Oh, and of course Rhys' school. There's also a nice bakery and some good fast food places close by, including a Subway. Although we haven't tried it yet because we'd always rather go to a more "Scottish" place if we're going out. =)
So, we really couldn't have planned this location better. We really are being looked after.
Oh other news, Rhys is doing really well in School. His teacher told me that he tries really hard to be the best in his class, and the only thing they could even say bad about him was his little tender feelings. I told her we were working on that. He has made lots of friends at school and yesterday they had an assembly that I was invited to attend. I can't believe how well behaved these kids are. They always walk in a single file line, they sat still the entire assembly (Including Rhys) They all addressed the teacher by saying "Good morning Mr. Beacham" when he said it to them. (Although Rhys told me that he likes doing Show and tell because he has to address the class by saying "Good afternoon boys and girls" and they all say "Good afternoon Rhys." and he really likes that. It has just really impressed me and I'm glad that Rhys is a good boy and listens so well. I could have seen him being the child that won't stand in line and was always rowdy. But, he's catching on. =)
Gavin had a hard time once Steven and Rhys were both in School. He got really attached to me and wouldn't want me to leave the room without him. But, he's finally getting over that which is good. He was just so used to having them around he didn't know what to think about it. The poor thing. But every afternoon when I tell him its time to go get Rhys he always runs to the door, so I know he still loves his brother. =)
Oh, for the record I want to write down all the things that I do miss (mainly food wise) so I can see if I still miss them once we've been here longer. Or in case anyone gets up the desire to send us a care package. ;) hehe, just kidding.
Things I miss, in no particular order:
Peanut butter Captain Crunch Cereal, Instant Oatmeal (strawberries and creme mainly), Swedish fish and chewy sweetarts. (the chocolate is amazing, but I prefer our fruity candy), cheese (specifically string cheese, they don't have it here), Maple syrup (we finally found some, but its expensive), Oh and something non-food related is deodorant. They have all these weird sprays and roll ons but to get a stick is hard to find and its expensive as well. That's something I really didn't think about before we came.
There are also things I love here, like the pastries, chocolate, fish, the Indian food! So much great stuff, I;m sure I'll miss some of it when we leave.
Anyway, this is getting long, so I'll end here. I'll keep everyone posted more later. =)


  1. I'm so glad you guys are doing well!!! Now that you have internet I hope you are able to update more so we can stay up to date on your adventures! :) Love you guys!

  2. Loved this post, and the other posts you put after it too...I just haven't commented on all of them. :-) I'm SOOOOOOO glad you are doing so well Kammie. I know you would love Scotland. I miss you, but it's easier knowing you are so looked after. I love you, Stam!