Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Disco

One of the biggest questions I had when we first arrived for our friend Olivia was whether or not they celebrate Halloween here. Well, I guess the joke is on us because apparently Halloween is actually a Scottish Holiday that America kind of took over and commercialized a bit. I didn't know that. I'm sure other people did, but I think that's kind of fun.
So, traditionally the kids all dress up in costumes and things but it isn't as common here for the kids to go Trick-or-treating. It does happen, but just not a lot. So, trying to stay in the spirit of Halloween we still bought the boys Halloween Costumes. We took them to the store and let them pick. Well, we let Rhys pick. There was only one option for Gavin and I don't think he would have really cared anyway. Of the 5 or 6 choices we gave him Rhys wanted to be a skeleton. It was the plainest one there, but Rhys just loved the mask. I'm not complaining though. It was on sale for only 3 pounds... can't beat that. =)
Anyway, there is a tradition at the Cardonald Primary School where Rhys attends and that is the Halloween Disco that they have. I'm not sure why those chose the 27th to do it, but it was still fun. It cost a pound for a ticket and the kids had to buy them at School. Rhys was so excited to take his pound with him, but he was really scared he'd forget to buy the ticket. I was really happy to tell me that his ticket was in his back pack when I picked him up from school.
To make it easier on everyone they had 3 different discos with different grades going together for an hour each. Because they were the youngest they got the first spot at 5:45.
It was fun walking Rhys up the hill and seeing all of the kids dressed up walking up there. I was surprised how varied the costumes were because I really couldn't find that many different choices when we were at the stores. But, maybe I just wasn't going to the right stores.
Anyway, all the kids were waiting outside when they opened the door. All of the parents were walking their kids in with them, but there were stairs and I had Gavin in the buggy so I couldn't make it up there. I asked Rhys if he needed me to go with him and he said he would be alright. I saw him hand over his ticket and everything so I figured he'd be okay.
So Gavin and I walked home and as we passed the Train Station there was Daddy getting off the Train. Gavin was thrilled to see him and it was nice having someone to walk the rest of the way with. (He normally doesn't get off that early, so it was a nice surprise.)
As we were walking in the door my phone started to ring and it was the school telling me that Rhys was upset and wouldn't go into the gym with the other kids. They weren't sure if it was the decorations or the noise but they weren't sure what to do and so they had him in their office. Of course I ran right back over and found him coloring away in her office. When I asked him what was wrong he just said he missed me and he didn't know what to do. So I asked him if I stayed and watched against the wall if he would stay and dance. He said yes, so I asked them if I could stay. They were very nice and there were a few other moms that were hanging against the wall as well, so I wasn't the only one.
It took Rhys a minute to get into it. He just stood there for a while until a little girl came up and asked him who he was. He lifted up his mask, she said hi, and then she grabbed his hands and pulled him onto the dance floor. I tried to get my camera out in time, but I wasn't fast enough. They disappeared for a bit and then he was back by himself. But he was still dancing and it was cute to watch.
They had a dancing competition with the P1 and then the P2 dancing. Rhys went crazy trying to win, but I think he was standing too far against the side so they really couldn't see him. But, there was another little boy doing these crazy dance moves, so I don't know if he would have won even if he had been in the middle, but I was proud of him for trying so hard.
I think my favorite part of the night was when "Thriller" started playing and all the kids screamed and then started freaking out. It was so funny. I will forever have the image of little kids jumping up and down to "Thriller" in my head.
When we left we were actually escorted through the halls to a different door and we got to pass Rhys' classroom. There were things hanging in the hall that the kids did and it was fun to get to see some of them. Rhys had fun pointing out the stuff he did to me and it made me happy to get a visual of where he is everyday since I didn't actually go to his classroom on that first day.
All in all it was a really fun time and Rhys ended up having a blast. Still not sure what we're doing on Halloween day, but I'm sure it will be fun!

Rhys waiting to head to the school.
When he was still just standing by himself.
After he made his friend he was a dancing fiend.
He was so stinking cute.
Taking a breather.

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