Monday, October 24, 2011

The Kelvingrove Art Gallery

One of the things that I have discovered that I love about Scotland is that all their Museums and Art Gallery's are free to enter. Sometimes they have some "seasonal" type displays which cost money, but on a whole it is all free. I've been meaning to go to one for a while now. I saw this one advertised in a magazine and I was hoping to get a chance to go with the boys, so I was really excited when my friend Larissa texted me to ask if we wanted to go with her and her daughter. Her daughter is a year younger then Gavin and they get along quite nicely so of course I said yes.
We chose today to go because it was Rhys' last day of his "harvest break" before going back to school tomorrow and we figured he'd probably enjoy it more then the wee ones. Since we have car seats our friends had given us when we arrived Larissa was able to come and pick us up and drive us over there.
The building itself was just beautiful. I only got a shot of it from the back and from the side because I was just too close when we were at the front, but it was just gorgeous. When we walked in the very first thing the boys saw was this gigantic stuffed elephant just standing in the doorway. That immediately grabbed their attention and from then on it was all we could do to stop the kids from running away from us. I was nice and let Gavin walk around because he was actually listening when I told him to stop or come back. (I'm so happy he's finally to the age where he listens pretty well.) Anyway, they both ran around just excited about everything. Gavin loved the animals the most, especially the birds. He's obsessed with saying "birds." There was also a pterodactyl skeleton hanging from the ceiling that he really liked.
Rhys was cute and would walk around saying things like "Wow, look at all these paintings Mom." Or "wow, this room is amazing." He especially liked the room with the knights.
Since we were going with the whole "free" thing we decided to pack our own lunch and we took the boys out to the front steps to eat it. The whole thing was so enjoyable. It was fun to see the different aspects of Scottish Culture, to get out of the flat, and to have good company at the same time. Hopefully we'll be able to get out again soon. =)

*I tried adding pictures, but its not letting me. You'll just have to see them on Facebook.

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