Tuesday, October 18, 2011

SO happy!

So, I am absolutely in love with Scotland. The last few days were kind of hard because the boys were sick and we couldn't go anywhere. But, today they were both so much better that we decided to take a much needed trip to the grocery store. It was the first time that I've gone with Gavin and Rhys by myself since Rhys is usually in school when I go but this week he has the week off. He was such a good boy though and held on to the buggy the entire way so I didn't have to worry about him running off without me.
Its a relatively short walk to the Grocery store. Its a place called Morrison's and it takes about 10 minutes to get there. Its faster if you go through the neighborhoods, but its more scenic to go on the busy streets. Then you pass the Library, the Chippy, the bakery, a Subway sandiwch shop.
One of my favorite things about the shops here are the Trolley carts. Ours are locked up together and the only way to get one out is to put a pound in and it releases it. The nice thing is, you get the pound back when you return the cart. But, I also love that they have 2 seats so both boys can sit in it while I push and all 4 wheels turn. I wouldn't have thought that it would matter that much, but I love being able to easily move around people. Sometimes all you can do is move to the side and there's no room to back up, but all you have to do is push to the left. I swear, the States really should pick that up and do that to their carts.
We've got a pretty good routine down. We like to pick up one or two new things to try, but we also make sure that we get stuff we already know we do. Last week we got these fried Cod fillets that were just amazing. This week I went with a sweet and bought a pack of candy bars to try. They're made by the same people who make Kinder eggs and Happy Hippos, so we'll see how they are.
So, the other thing about Scotland shops that I love is that the people at the registers all have stools so they don't have to stand up. You see some of the men work there standing, but on a whole everyone is sitting. From someone who once worked 9 months standing at a cash register I think this is a brilliant idea. I don't see why you need to stand. That's also something we should steal over in the states. =)
Let's see, some of our new favorite foods over here are the Scottish pies, the Sausage rolls, the Rolls that they make. If you put some lunch meat and coleslaw on one, its an amazing sandwich. We have also fallen in love with some Crisps here (chips) they are these light cheese curl things and all of us love them. Including Gavin.
Oh, on a side note, its not something that you get from the Grocery store but there's this little fast food type place right next to us that has some amazing food. They make what is called a "Munchie box" and its just a pizza box filled with different types of Indian food. It is SO good and is now one of Steven and my favorite places to go to when we are in the mood to eat out. We like the Munchie box because its good, but its also one of the cheapest things on the menu. So, anyone who comes and visits us, unless you are extremely opposed to Indian food you must try a Munchie box with us. =)
Anyway, when we were walking home from the store today I had to use our "Buggy Rain cover" that we had to buy once we got over here. We were lucky and were given a Buggy by our friends when we showed up, but we soon found out that if you were going to survive walking here you needed a cover too. Its this little clear thing you put on the Buggy that goes over it like a tent to keep the kids clear of the rain. It will also be nice when its freezing outside because it will keep the wind off of Gavin's face. It was definitely the best money that we have spent since we got over here. I took a picture of it, so people can get more of an idea of what I'm talking about. Gavin hated it at first until he saw all the rain hitting it, now he has just accepted it. I was really worried about him just sitting there when it gets really cold. Normally you keep yourself kind of warm by moving your legs when you walk, but when you're in the buggy you have no circulation to keep the cold away. So, this made me very happy.
Well, tomorrow I'm hoping to take the boys into the City to have lunch with Steven and meet some more of his classmates so hopefully I'll have more stuff to report soon. Until then, enjoy some pictures!
The Buggy Cover
Rhys pushing the very full buggy home.
This is Morrison's. Rhys really wanted to be in the picture.
These are some houses across the street from the store. I love them! They make me think of Disneyland.

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