Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Friends are amazing!

So, when we found out we were moving here we had several friends tell us that they wanted to come and visit us while we're here. Of course we really want everyone to come, but realistically we figured it was one of those things people say they are going to do, but can't actually because of time and money. But, we had one of our best friends actually come and visit and it was amazing!
Meghan served her mission in Germany so she already had other people to visit while over here and so she made a 3 week trip. We were lucky enough to get 4 of her days while on Holiday and I feel incredibly privileged. The plan had been for her to just stay with us the whole time, but sadly Steven and Gavin got sick halfway through her stay and we were worried she would get sick herself. But luckily she knows our friends Olivia and Ben as well and so she was able to stay with them the rest of her time here. It was sad to send her off, but 2 more weeks in Europe sick would have been a disaster!
While she was here we got to explore some of Glasgow together, leaving the boys behind so we could do some fun shopping! It was the first time I'd gone into Glasgow without Gavin and it was kind of nice to get to wander into some stores without him. We also found a mall that I had no idea existed, so that was fun. We were very successful in finding all of the souvenirs she wanted to take home and we had a delicious lunch of Fish and chips from a Chippy here. It was just an amazing day followed by an amazing evening of Board games and talking. =)
It was great to see her and we're looking forward to seeing if any more of our friends will be able to make it over too!

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