Friday, August 3, 2012

As you like it

This past month has been so busy for Steven, but I think he has loved every minute of it. A few months ago he auditioned for a part in "As you like it," a play that was being put on by a Shakespeare company here called Bard in the Botanics. The company performs a few shows every summer that they perform in the Botanical Gardens here in Glasgow. The Company had asked the students in the program with Steven to audition because they were in need of a few interns. They were requesting 2 guys and a girl. Steven had felt he had a chance with one of the parts so he was really excited about it.
Well, it turns out he did get caste, but NOT in one of the 2 parts they were originally auditioning for. They told him that even though he wasn't quite right for the parts they were looking for, they LOVED his audition and really wanted to work with him. So, they rearranged their cast a bit to make room for him. He was cast as William and First Lord. Steven was so excited! Not only will this be great professional experience, but they loved him enough to cast him anyway. That is always a GREAT thing!
The other exciting thing about this particular show is it moved around the Garden. There were 4 seperate areas that they performed in, so the audience would actually get up and move. Steven had always heard of shows doing that, so he was excited to get to participate in one.
So, anyway, they rehearsed for a few weeks and then opened the show on Friday, the 13th of July. It was tricky because they performed it outside, so if it was raining too hard they had to close the show for the night. (Luckily they only had to do that a few times) Most of the time the Cast and audience just endured a little rain. Steven was lucky while they were rehearsing because they were on "Summer Holiday" from their course,  but once the show opened Steven had to start up again. So, the almost 3 weeks of performances he was gone all day. He would leave at 8:30 to go to classes, stay there until 5, have time to eat and make it over to the Gardens to have their performance, and then make it home about 11:30 at night. It was quite draining, and I'm sure that's the only reason he's glad that the show has ended. Plus, its good for Rhys and Gavin to get to see more of Steven now. Once a week I would take the boys into Glasgow and we'd meet Steven for lunch so they could have a little Steven time.. but I know that it wasn't much. 
Rhys had known about the show for a few weeks since Steven was always going to rehearsals, so he asked me if he'd get to go see it. We figured that since he's 6 now, and that's usually the age where kids can start being allowed to go, I would take him with me. We were lucky and had friends visiting us the week it opened so I was able to take Rhys to the opening night performance while our friends watched Gavin. Rhys was so cute watching the show. There were some moments he was laughing hysterically, (There was a wrestling scene, and he just thought it was hilarious) and everyone in the audience could hear him. Steven said he loved hearing him laugh, so I guess it was a good thing. There was also a point in the show where Rhys turned to me and said "Daddy is so funny." Which of course just melted my heart. I had brought a few things to keep him entertained in case he got bored, but he didn't end up needing any of it. He watched the whole thing, and I'm so proud of him. I'm excited to get to bring him with me from now on, as long as they're child appropriate shows of course!
The other really exciting thing that has happened during the show was it received a Review in the
Newspaper. The play itself was only given 3 stars, but Steven as actually mentioned by name as the best part of the play. I will post a link to the review at the bottom of the blog for anyone who wants to read it. I am just SO proud of Steven and all that he has accomplished so far while he's been here. This has been an amazing experience and I'm so happy that he has been making the most of it. We also hope that California enjoys his performances as much as they seem to enjoy them over here!
As of now, Steven is busy working on his final project and then he's done. Only 6 more weeks left! This time has gone by so fast, but we have enjoyed every minute of it. We're hoping to have many more adventures in the next few weeks before we leave. Hopefully time doesn't keep going too fast! 
Here are some pictures that Steven took. We weren't able to get any of the actual performance, but I think these are really quite fun. Enjoy!
I LOVE that outfit on Steven. I wish he could have kept it.
Steven's second costume.

 This is the group from Steven's program that were in the show with him.

Steven as William, the Village idiot. This is the part that got mentioned in the Review.

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