Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Day of Scottish Awesomeness!

Saturday, August 11 was such a fun day. It was the last weekend before Rhys started school again and so the Housing Community decided to fund a "Fun Day" in the playground outside of our flat. They had bouncy castles, face painting, balloon animals, a small petting zoo, a wresting match, and it was all free. They had put posters up a few weeks before and since Rhys can read he was looking forward to going to it for a long time. We woke up early that day because we wanted them to get to play outside, but we were also going to the Pipe Band Competition so we wanted plenty of time for both.
The boys spend most of their time on one of the bouncy castles. I tried getting them to get their faces painted, but they just wanted to bounce. They were also the only ones on that Castle, so that probably was part of what was so fun. When we finally pulled them away we got to look at the animals. They had rodents, frogs, lizards, chickens, roosters, rabbits, snakes, a Scorpion, and a Tarantula. Gavin loved getting to see a real snake and Steven ended up asking if he could hold the Tarantula. They actually let him... and then somehow they convinced me to do it as well. I'm terrified of spiders, but its something I'm trying to work on. Plus, the really big fully ones don't scare me quite as much. It was terrifying, but I'm glad to say I did it.
When we were done with the "fun day" we headed over to the train station. Gavin ended up running, which isn't unusual for him and falling down a little hill. He scraped his elbow up pretty bad and we had to bandage him up with 3 band aids (or plasters as they call them over here.) He hates band aids so much so it was torture for him. But we couldn't get it to stop bleeding so he just had to deal. When we got into Glasgow Gavin was so tired from the screaming that he fell asleep in the buggy on the way to the Pipe Band Competition. He slept through the WHOLE thing. 
Steven, Rhys, and I just loved it. Everywhere you looked you saw men in Kilts and you could constantly hear the Bagpipes playing. They had all sorts of little shops set up and we actually found one that was selling Kilts. Steven had been wanting to get one for a while and we found one that was a good, quality kilt for £60. It was a good deal, so he got it and I'm happy that he gets to come home with one. He wanted to get a Coburn Tartan kilt, since that's his families clan, but they were just WAY to expensive. He ended up getting a purple one instead since that matches the Royal Conservatoires colors. It at least has some special meaning.
We watched a few of the competitions. It was amazing how together they were. I think my favorite part was watching them march on and off the fields though.
They were also hosting the Highland Games and so we got to watch some of the Caber Tossing. We saw both Men and Women compete and it was so impressive. I can't imagine how heavy those things are, and they got them to go so far. I think Steven would have stayed there all day if I had let him, but I also wanted to see some of the Highland Dances that they were performing. It reminded me of the Utah Shakespeare Festival Greenshows that they would perform while Steven was selling Tarts. Of course, this was SO much better!! 
We stayed there most of the afternoon, but we had also planned on taking the boys to see Brave because we really wanted to see it while we were in Scotland and we weren't sure if we'd have another opportunity. The movie was amazing. I absolutely loved it. I know Steven enjoyed it, but he said I liked it more. Apparently its a "Mom movie." I guess you'd have to see it to know what that means. =) I actually started crying during it, just listening to the accents and seeing all of the gorgeous scenery and listening to the music. I'm really going to miss living here, and that is one movie I'm going to have to insist on owning when it comes out.
After the movie we started to walk back to the train stop so we could go home and put the boys to bed. We ended up walking by a Chippy that we were told sold Deep Fried Mars Bars. (That's a candy bar, for anyone who doesn't know) We were told it was something we HAD to try while we were over here, so we decided we would end our very Scottish day with a very Scottish treat. It looked kind of gross, Gavin wouldn't even try it, even though we told him it was chocolate. Rhys said he liked it and took a few bites. Steven and I both really enjoyed it too, although it did kind of sit in your stomach for a while since its so heavy. I mean, it is a deep FRIED chocolate bar. That things going to leave a mark. =) 
The entire day was wonderful, but I think my favorite part was going home and having Steven try on his kilt for him. It looks SO good on him. I know we only have a few weeks left, but I told him we're going to have to find something for him to wear that too. He can't not wear his kilt out on the streets of Glasgow, that would just be too sad. Hopefully we'll come up with something... even if its just putting it on and taking a walk! =)
Here are some pictures of the day! Enjoy!!!
Some of the boys on the bouncy castle.

 Gavin saying hi to the snake.
 Steven was trying to get the frog to jump for Gavin.
 Holding the Tarantula.
 Yep, I was nervous.
 Gavin's poor scraped elbow.
 Pipe Band Competition!!
 Rhys trying to get a better view. Daddy's are great for that!
 They had a screen up so you could watch it better.

 The Caber Tossing.

 Gavin got in that position all by himself in his sleep.
 The Highland Dancing.
 Waiting for the Deep Fried Mars Bar.

 Gavin was nice and let Rhys rest his feet for a moment in the Buggy.

 Trying the Mars Bar.

 Steven looking so handsome in his Kilt!

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