Friday, August 3, 2012

Daddy's back!

This week has been so much fun for the boys. Since Steven's show ended on Saturday they've gotten a chance to see their Daddy more often. Its still not for a long time, since Steven usually gets out of rehearsal at 5 or 6 so he doesn't get home until almost 6 or 7 and they go to bed at 7, but its still more then what they have been seeing him. 
This Tuesday, Steven was actually given a short rehearsal. He just needed to be there from 11-1:00, so we decided to make a fun day out of it. I took the boys on the train and we met Steven in Glasgow. We walked to the mall and let the boys wander around the toy store for a bit. Rhys spent most of the time with the books reading, he just loves to read. Gavin went everywhere and just loved that we just followed him around. After a bit, we left to go find the soft play area for the boys to play in. Right next to it, was a jumping house that they were both so excited about. It was £2 for 5 minutes, so its not something we would normally do, but it was our fun day out so we decided to splurge. Rhys took off right away and was jumping, going down the slide, just going crazy. Gavin was a little more hesitant. All the jumping scared him a little bit, so he was happy to stay close to the entrance for the first bit. After a while he spotted the stairs leading to the top of the slide, so he ventured over there. It took him a while, but he finally climbed to the top. (All the other kids just kept going around him since he was so slow) but he did it! I was wondering what he was going to do when he got up there, since he won't go down a slide by himself, but once he got to the top he just slid back down the stairs. Silly boy! By the time he made it back to the bottom it was time for them to get out. 
That really worked up their appetite, so we took them to the food court and let them get some Happy Meals from McDonald's. Its not very "Scottish" but the boys love it and its cheap! 
After we ate, we rode the train home and let the boys play outside for a bit. It was one of the rare nice days we've had this summer, so we didn't have to worry about the rain. The boys ran around like crazy, made a few friends, and attempted to ride a bike. I'm so glad we got to do this with the boys. Rhys only has 2 more weeks until School starts again, so its good for him to get to do a few fun things. =)
Playing in the blow up house.

 Waiting for Daddy to bring the food.

 Daddy with the food! 
 Waiting for our train to show up.
 The train ride home!

 Playing outside!

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