Sunday, August 5, 2012

Gavin's 3rd Birthday

Yesterday my baby boy turned 3. I still can't believe it! I swear, time has been fast forwarding ever since we had Rhys and it just seems to be picking up speed. =)
Yesterday was a really fun day. As soon as we woke up we gave Gavin his presents. Rhys had picked his present out weeks ago and was so excited to give it to him. I'm very proud of him for keeping it a secret this whole time. (He gave him the stuffed green yoshi to match the yellow one Rhys already had. Gavin loved it.) He also got a tiger stuffed animal and the movie Kung Fu Panda 2 from us. Gramma and Poppy sent him a Leapfrog Tag Jr. Its a little machine that helps kids read books and he loves it. He hasn't figured out how to do it himself just yet, but he loves having Rhys or one of us do it for him. They also gave him some Chocolates that you can mold into some fun shapes and a Star Wars t-shirt. The shirt hasn't come yet, so it will be a fun late present to get. He got Birthday cards from his Uncle Evan, Aunt Leslie, and Cousin Liam. The Ward Primary also sent him one along with my parents. My Mom decided to wait and take him birthday shopping when we get home, so they're going to have fun with that.
We put the movie on for Gavin to watch while we all got ready for the day and then we sang him Happy Birthday and had him blow out his candles. We didn't know what time we were going to get back so we wanted to make sure he got his birthday cake. He picked it out himself and ended up eating all of his and half of Rhys'. The little pig! =) 
After cake we took a train ride to Largs. Its about an hour away from here, and its a cute little Seaside town. Reminds us of a Scottish version of Seaside Oregon. It was SO very cute and Gavin loved it. We originally decided to go because our Stake was having a fun family day there and we thought it might be fun to go for Gavin's birthday since we've been wanting to go to Largs anyway. When we got there it took us a while to find where the Stake activity was, and when we finally did no one from our Ward was there. We weren't sure anyone from the Stake recognized us and felt weird just going up to them. So, we hung around for a bit and let the boys play in the park that was right there. They also got to go to the shore and throw rocks into the sea, which they loved. While we were throwing rocks a rescue helicopter came to practice doing rescues with the life boat out on the lake. It got so close and the boys loved watching the guys jump out of the helicopter and get pulled back in. A fun adventure we were not expecting!
After a while we decided to just head out. We didn't feel that much like socializing with people who didn't know us and we wanted to see a bit more of Largs before we headed home. When Steven came last year to audition, our friends Ben and Olivia had brought him here and taken him to get ice cream at a cafe so we decided to go there to eat. The food was really good, but it really was the ice cream that was amazing. The boys got free scoops with their meals, so Steven and I splurged and got one ourselves. It was definitely some of the best ice cream I've ever had. Its actually really funny, there were about 5 Ice cream shops that we found while we were there. The whole time we kept joking about wanting to move there, but after I saw all the Ice cream shops.. I wasn't really joking anymore. =) There was a house on the hill in the distance that was just so cute and Steven and I have decided that if he ever does get rich and famous we would love to come back and buy the house. (Haha, well we can dream, right!) 
We ended up taking the train back so we could go meet up with some of our friends for dinner in Glasgow. One of them shared her birthday with Gavin and so we wanted to do a joint birthday dinner. We went to McDonald's because its Gavin's favorite. Angie was very nice to let us go there on her big day as well. She was so sweet and brought Gavin a present. It was a Sticker book full of a 1000 animal stickers. Our other friend Lauren came as well and also brought him a present. She babysat Gavin for me while I was with Rhys for his performances of Duchess of Malfi, and so the two of them bonded a lot. They especially bonded over the sound that a sheep makes, so she bought him a stuffed sheep. Its so cute and it was sweet of her to give it to him.
After McDonald's we went back to Angie's for a little bit for a mini party. More of our friends showed up and said happy birthday to Gavin. Although, I think Rhys felt it was more for him. =) We left Steven there, so he could celebrate with our friends a little longer and I took the boys home. When we got here we checked Skype to see if we'd missed calls. We had one missed from my Mom and she was still on so we called her. My parents were happy they got to sing Happy Birthday to Gavin. They also got to see him fall asleep on the couch while we were talking since he was so tired from the day. I'm so sad he wasn't able to talk to Gramma and Poppy or any of his Aunt and Uncle's, but when we live so far away it just makes it a lot harder. He knows that they were all thinking of him though, so that's all that matters. 
It really was an amazing day and such a fun adventure. It felt like we went on a little mini Holiday, and the boys loved it. I think that's all you can really ask for in a Birthday. =) Here are some pictures of the big day. I tried uploading the video of us singing Happy Birthday to Gavin but its not working. I will try again a bit later, but I wanted to get these up in the mean time. 
Gavin opening his present from Rhys.
Gavin picked all his stuff up and hugged it all on his own. It was so cute.
Opening his present from Gramma and Poppy.
Some pictures of us in Largs.

Happy Birthday my sweet Gavin!

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