Friday, January 22, 2010

Christmas Show

Every year Salt Lake has a "Christmas Show" which is just a huge center filled with hundreds of booths. Each booth has all sorts of different things like different foods and treats to buy, cooking supplies, toys for kids, make-up, jewelry, games, clothes, anything you can think of. It goes on for 3 full days. The idea is to give you ideas for Christmas presents. My Aunts and Grandma go every year and it has been a new tradition for my Mom to fly down and go with them. They make a huge thing out of it. They show up first thing in the morning and stay until it closes both on Friday and on Saturday. This year Kati and I were able to make it up and go with them. It was SO much fun. I enjoyed looking at everything, but I enjoyed getting to see my Mom the most.
I had Rhys and Gavin with me that first day, but the second day my sweet cousin Jake watched Rhys for me. Gavin was a little angel the entire time which of course makes the whole experience a lot more fun. I was really sad when the weekend was over. I didn't actually buy anything for myself this year because we really didn't have the money for it, but I got lots of ideas for next year and hopefully I'll be able to go again and actually spend money this time. (Oh, I'm sure Steven loves that thought) =)

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