Monday, January 11, 2010


The first show that SUU put on this year was MacBeth. They performed it on the Adam's Theatre, which is the outside mini Globe Theatre that the Shakespeare Festival uses during the Summer. Steven was cast in the roll of Banqou, who is MacBeth's best friend. It was a really fun part for Steven because he had a fight scene, a death scene, and he got to use the trap doors on the stage which is something he's always been wanting to do.
He was also on the Costume commitee and was in charge of designing and making the armour for the guys to wear in some of their scenes. It was absolutely amazing how much time and effort he put into this production, but it was worth it because the final result was breathtaking. Because of sickness and vacations I was only able to see the show once, but it is possibly my favorite show that Steven has ever done so far.
He was also nominated for an Irene Ryan for his part as Banqou. This is a huge honor because only 2 actors are picked from the play and it was a huge ensemble. Normally he would go and compete with other Irene Ryan winners for a chance to compete in Washington, D.C. but he won't be able to this year because his Grad School Auditions are at the same time. He will still be able to put his nomination on his resume, so its still an amazing thing.
This is Steven with his quick change crew. After he died they had 2 minutes to put him in his "ghost" make-up so he could go haunt MacBeth. They did a really good job.

Some of the guys in the show

Banqou and MacBeth wearing the armour that Steven made.

I just like this one of Steven.

Ghost Banqou and a Wraith.
This show wasn't creepy at all! =)

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  1. Macbeth is one of my favorite Shakespeare plays..that's cool make up! Looks like Steven had a great time